• Distorted Memories, 2016
    Glass 34 x 18 x 4 inches
    by Reiko Fujii

  • So That You Know Each Other, 2014
    Acrylics on Canvas 90 x 48 inches
    by Salma Arastu

  • Protective Footwear, 2016
    Flexwax and Turmeric 48 x 96 inches
    by Nirmal Raja


October 3 – October 27

 9300, Alcosta Blvd
San Ramon, CA 94582

Liquid Stories

Liquid Stories- Curated by Pallavi Sharma
The show brings together artists of Asian decent who are constantly exploring the new ways to comprehend the complexities of class, gender and ethnicity. They address the issues from multiple perspectives and challenge the traditional ideas of identity formation through new themes and innovative mediums. They constantly grapple with the depiction of intricate narratives, which move along with the human mind and body in the form of memories and experience.

Participating Artists: Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Nirmal Raja, Indrani Nayar Gall, Judy Shintani, Samantha Chundur, Shailly Sharma Bhatnagar, Kelsay Myers, Reiko Fujji, Irene Wibawa, Shari DeBoer and Salma Arastu.

Opening Reception

Saturday, October 8


Inner Eye Arts

Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Southeast Asian, Himalayan & Central Asian, Islamic & Middle Eastern

Inner Eye Arts is a non profit Art Organization working for the visibility of multidisciplinary artists of Asian diaspora in San Francisco bay area. We collaborate with artists and the community by curating shows, performances, lectures and art workshops.



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Monday through Friday
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