• APAture 2015 Music Showcase, 2015
    by AstraLogik (Photo Credit: Anth Bongco)

  • Unknown, 2015
    by Sammay Dizon (Photo Credit: Anth Bongco)

  • Unknown, 2015
    by Spulu (Photo Credit: Anth Bongco)

September 30 – October 16

 1246 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

APAture 2016: Here

APAture is Kearny Street Workshop’s annual multidisciplinary arts festival celebrating emerging Asian and Pacific Islander artists of the Bay Area. ​ For 15 years, APAture has been a site of dialogue, collaboration, and political action between artists and community members around contemporary issues affecting the Asian and Pacific Islander community. ​ This year, our theme is “Here.” We are interested in locations, spaces, homes; the way in which we move through and live in these places. We are interested in the intimacy of our bodies, our narratives, as they relate to being “here,” and our histories, our continued presence, our dreams here. We are living in a pivotal historical moment, and have arrived here, together, each in our own ways.

Opening Reception

Friday,Friday, October 30 and 30


Kearny Street Workshop

Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Southeast Asian, Himalayan & Central Asian, Islamic & Middle Eastern

Founded in 1972, during the height of the Asian American cultural movement, Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) is the oldest Asian Pacific American multidisciplinary arts organization in the country. Offering classes and workshops, salons, and student presentations, as well as professionally curated and produced exhibitions, performances, readings, and screenings, KSW makes artists out of community members and community members out of artists. For the past 43 years, KSW has nurtured creative spirit, offered an important platform for new voices to be heard, and connected artists with community. Our mission is to present, produce, and promote art that empowers Asian Pacific American artists and communities.



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