• Wushan Mountain and Yangtze River, 2015
    Ink and Color on Paper 86 x 39 inches
    by Hou Beiren

  • Lotus No. 31, Unknown
    Splash Ink 70 x 38 inches
    by Zhou Shilin

  • Composition(15-2-1), 2015
    Acrylic, Ink, Oil and Collage on Canvas 35.8 x 47.8 inches
    by Fong Chung Ray


September 29 – January 1

 Pacific Heritage Museum 608 Commercial Street
San Francisco, CA 94111


10:00 am–4:00 pm

Contempor'ati will celebrate and inspire the Chinese literati tradition in a new, contemporary way. The exhibit will feature innovative works by Master artist and poet Hou Beiren, Fong Chung Ray and scholar artist Prof. Zhou Shilin from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.

From October 1-8 during Asia Week - SFBA, 10am-4pm
After October 8, 10am-4pm (Thursday-Saturday only)

Opening Reception

Saturday, October 1


Contempor'ati Studios

Contempor'ati Studios promotes and inspires the literati tradition in today's contemporary society. Our mission is to share the literati philosophy and lifestyle with academics, artists, collectors and museums through exhibitions, writings and lectures.



(415) 858-4126
United States
1801 Wedemeyer #124, San Francisco, CA 94129


Monday through Sunday
10 am–4 pm
October 1- October 8, 10am - 4pm; After October 8, Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm