• Fissure -- Gathered Colors, 2009
    Mixed Media 53 7/8 x 53 7/8 inches
    by Qiu Deshu

  • Fissure -- Formidable Peaks, 2009
    Mixed Media 77 1/8 x 20 13/16 inches
    by Qiu Deshu

  • Fissure -- The History of Civilization is Lacerations, 2012
    Mixed Media 63 3/4 x 31 7/16 inches
    by Qiu Deshu

  • Untitled No. 12992-16, 2016
    Acrylic on Canvas 192 x 48 inches
    by Shen Chen

  • 0-Viewpoint-8-5, 2015
    Mixed Media 36 x 48 inches
    by Stella Zhang

  • Perspectives #2, 2015
    Ink painting and photographic print on paper 58 x 24 3/4 inches
    by Arnold Chang (Zhang Hong 張洪) and Michael Cherney (Qiu Mai 秋麥)


September 27 – October 31

 520 Broadway
Millbrae, CA 94030

Literati Gathering: New Work by Wang Tiande

10:00 am–5:00 pm

From the 1990s Wang Tiande has been one of the most representative
artists of Chinese contemporary ink art, consistently using the concepts
and media of ink painting in his work. His work has evolved from twodimensional
to three-dimensional, from traditional paper and ink to
multi-media, and from conceptual transplantations to adoption of virtual
space, continuously exploring the language of ink and its potential for
spiritual expression. Comprehensively challenging old ideas to construct
his own artistic language and style, he has emerged as unique. His work
often takes its source in classical landscapes and calligraphy, choosing the
paintings and writings of famous masters as references, but replacing
their brushes with sticks of burning incense, and executing his images in
a unique language. Unlike so many Ming and Qing master, his intention
is not to composed landscapes for a mental journey. Instead he creates
an even more expansive virtual space in which contemporary people can
engage in dialogue and interchanges with both nature and the ancients,
imbuing the landscape with a certain contemporaneity. This exhibition,
“Literati Gathering,” shows a series of new works that form a dialogue
with the paintings and calligraphy of the great twentieth century collector
and artist Wu Hufan. By means of the artist’s virtual travel through time
and space, he places the viewer in a double context of past and present,
and creates a unique literati gathering.

Opening Reception

Friday, October 30


September 30

 510 Broadway, Suite 302 (NanHai Auditorium)
Millbrae, CA 94030

Issues in Connoisseurship for Collectors of Asian Art Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area Annual Symposium

1:30 pm–5:30 pm

In conjunction with Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area (Asia WeekSFBA)
and jointly sponsored by NanHai Art, Christie’s, and Asia
Society Northern California, the 2016 Asia Week- SFBA Symposium
brings together connoisseurs, curators, and scholars, for an informative
and interactive discussion on the issues in connoisseurship for
collectors of Asian Art.
This two-panel symposium is designed to examine connoisseurship, a
central yet complicated field from a practical perspective. Covering a
wide range of historical and geographical contexts, panelists will use
a series of case studies to discuss and share their insights on issues of
authenticity, attribution, and quality, in paintings and other works
of art. In addition, the symposium will also discuss the scope and
effectiveness of connoisseurship, and the influences of both academic
trends and technology development towards its practice.

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