• Fox fire by the iron-tree at Oji, 1857
    Woodcut, on paper 9 x 14 inches
    by Hiroshige I

  • Moonlight patrol - Saito Toshimitsu, 1885
    Woodcut, on paper 9 x 14 inches
    by Yoshitoshi

  • Suspicion, 1973
    Woodcut, on paper 29 x 18 inches
    by Kiyoshi Saito


September 30 – October 31

Animal Expressions: Homage to our Greatest Companions

12:00 pm–6:00 pm

Selected original Japanese woodcut prints by artists including Hiroshige I, Yoshitoshi, Kiyoshi Saito, Nagayama and the Yoshidas.

Art has always depicted mankind's unique and intimate relationship with nature. Whether by its role as the warrior's loyal steed, their docile and comforting presence by the hearth, or through stories told of mythical, mysterious folklore passed down through the ages, animals prove to be inseparable from the human experience. Through art we honor this bond.

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International Art Gallery


Established in 1971, International Art Gallery is a gallery specialize in Japanese hanga (woodblock print) and paintings dating from the late 18th c. to present.
To celebrate the inaugural year of Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area, we are hosting an exhibition and sale of works by masters of the Ukiyo-e hanga, Shin hanga, Sosaku hanga and Japanese sumi paintings.



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